Nucleating Agent BT-809

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Nucleating Agent BT-809

It is a kind of phosphoric acid nucleating agent with high effective which is applied to polypropylene crystallization behavior. It can reduce linear thermal expansion coefficient and shrinkage of polypropylene, give polypropylene uniform shrinkage characteristics and good assembly of parts, also can refine the crystal size of polypropylene, improve the excellent rigidity and toughness balance of polypropylene. It can accelerate the crystallization rate of polypropylene to improve the production speed and the product performance.

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Main function:

It can obviously improve the transparency and strength of polyethylene (LLDPE、LDPE、HDPE), also can improve the production speed as well.

Physical Properties:



Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 255°C-265°C 

Effects of this excellent nucleating agent on PE and PP:

• High nucleating efficiency, high rigidity.

• Low linear coefficient of expansion, reduce polypropylene shrinkage, improve dimensional stability.

• Excellent rigidity and toughness balance isotropic contraction, improve warping deformation. 

• Increase the rigidity of polypropylene and the thermal deformation temperature.

• Accord with FDA certification,, no migration, no separate out, high hygienic and safety


Can be used in film blowing, injection molding, extrusion etc. for making main products of washing machines, cars, electronics, caps and household plastics.

Recommended Dosage:

0.05-0.2% which can be adjusted according to the material and the user’ s designed effect.


Every 15 kg are packed in one PE bag.

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Mr. Henry Han  Email:hsy@bgtcn.com,


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