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  • Dibenzylidene Sorbitol Transparent Nucleating Agent

    Dibenzylidene sorbitol Transparent Nucleating Agent can be divided into three types. The first generation is DBS. This product has a low degree of permeability and too much solid aldehyde taste. Meanwhile, due to its low melting point ...
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  • What is Transparent Nucleating Agent

    The common transparent nucleating agents can be divided into two types: organic compounds and inorganic compounds. Inorganic Nucleating Agents are mainly oxides of metals, such as talc, silica, titanium dioxide, benzoic acid and so on....
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  • The Development of the Polypropylene

    Because of its high temperature resistance, light specific gravity, easy processing and shaping, easy recycling, and lower price, polypropylene has been widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, home appliance, packaging, light industry and other industries. Howe...
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  • Reduce Haze and Enhance the Transparency of Polypropylene

    Clarifying Agent can be used for reducing haze and enhancing the clarity of polypropylene through nucleation of the polymer. This also leads to enhanced stiffness of the molded part and to shorter cycle time during the molding process....
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  • Waiting for You in Shenzhen 2021!

    Chinaplas is one of the best show in the world of rubber and plastic raw materials which are are highly valued by every visitor and exhibitor there.  Last year, during the exhibition, everyone remained extremely high enthusiasm to each...
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